Episode #099: The President’s Day Mattress Blowout, pt 2

The boys return and discuss notable celebrity deaths, the XFL, porn stars’ net worth, and more. Scott shares a story about being a teenager and seeking out nudity, and also talks about a very interesting co-worker he has. Dave spills about visiting a booth in a porn shop. The Bouncing Souls pop up on network TV, in a way.

Theme Song: ‘Nobody Speak’ by DJ Shadow
Outro Song: ‘We Love Fun’ by The Bouncing Souls
· Chicago Med (season 5, episode 13)
· ‘I Like Your Mom’ by the Bouncing Souls

Episode #098: Who Said You Could Feed the Fish?

Dave talks about playing in the longest hockey game in history. We chat about a black mermaid. We talk womens football (soccer), and Bub gives an offsides lesson. Dave tells us about Billie Eilish and other industry plants. We also talk about Lil Nas X, Belle Delphine, City Girls, a short guy, and Bub shares the results of the craziest game of Clue ever.

Theme Song: ‘So What’ by Metallica
Outro Song: ‘Doin’ Time’ by Lana Del Rey
Song Clips:
· ‘It’s Been Awhile’ by Staind
· Kids going HAM to Lil Nas X
· ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X
· Billie Eilish/The Room shitpost
· Sebastian Maniscalco VMA promo
· City Girls Pandora Promo
· Short Guy outburst

Episode #097: Have a Nice Summer!

We’re back after a short hiatus talking about celebrity deaths, Twitter followers, acupuncture, Michael Jackson, Gary Gulman, Captain Marvel, and so much more. We thumb through our old high school yearbooks, and shout out a new podcast by some of the fellas from the old show The Delivery Guys.

Theme Song: My Name Is by Eminem
Sound Clip: Migos from SNL Season 44

Episode #096: Hail Satan I Guess

The boys share their thoughts on the Super Bowl and its haltime show. We also discuss the Fyre Fest documentaries, and fake Twitter fan accounts. Bub shares some scientific studies and wants to try pickle pizza. Don’t bring tents when waiting in line or make noises in the bathroom.

Theme Song: Childish Gambino – Fire Fly

Episode #095: McPoyle. Doyle McPoyle. [featuring Bob Rusch]

Actor, producer, writer, and now acting coach Bob Rusch joins us for a special interview. We talk about his scene study class at Acting Studio 716 and the movie he is producing called Demolition Dance: The Story of David and Dan from Dunkirk vs. The Punk Ass Bitch. Included in the interview are some cool stories about being in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Sons of Anarchy, and much more.

Intro Music: ‘Panama’ by Van Halen
Sound Clips:
· Clip from the Demolition Dance investor trailer
· Doyle McPoyle from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Season 3, Episode 2)
· Faizon Love in Elf
· Doyle McPoyle’s mention in Season 11, Episode 7
· “You really are a funny guy!!” from Goodfellas

Bob’s acting studio: https://www.actingstudio716.com
Bob’s movie project: https://www.demolitiondancefilm.com/

Episode #094: Sexy Comedy [featuring Christina Calph]

We are joined by the wonderful and talented actor, Dunkirk native Christina Calph. She talks about acting, doing voice over work, and producing videos for YouTube. We also discuss network comedies, animated shows, and the culture shock of moving from small town Dunkirk to The Big Apple. She tells us about an infamous horror movie she was cast in but bowed out because of questionable circumstances. We hear about the web series she is producing about gross superheroes called Burp Girl. Please enjoy this interesting and flat out fun interview!

Intro Music: ‘Run the World (Girls)’ by Beyoncé
Outro Music: ‘Dear Future POTUS’ by Christina Calph
Sound Clips:
· Christina’s voice over clips from The Evil Within 2
· Whitest Kids U Know (Season 5, Episode 2): Christina is going to show you
· Clip from Rescue Me (Season 5, Episode 4)

Episode #093: Brother Can You Spare Some Cilantro

Dave is back for an episode and is as snarky as ever. Bub hates on a magician and awful facebook shares. We taste test some Rap Snacks and explore an important part of DJ Kool’s lyrics. That’s not all- check it out!

Intro Music: ‘Smoke on the Water’ by Deep Purple
Outro Music: ‘Rap Snacks Jingle’ by TJ Sauce Kid
Sound Clips:
· Clip from Season 7, Episode 24 (Homerpalooza) of The Simpsons
· Mac Miller’s Not Too Much Theme Song (episode 38)
· Spanish speaking radio host doing a Simpsons impression
· ‘Dab of Ranch’ by Migos
· ‘Let Me Clear My Throat’ by DJ Kool
· Jonesy & Reilly (Letterkenny) share some hockey advice

Episode #092: Spooky Season [featuring Peter Vullo]

Things get spooky as we welcome back to the podcast Peter Vullo, program director of Thursday Night Terrors. This time around, we talk shop about Fall activities, David Lynch, movies, TV, comic cons, and all things horror. It was a great conversation- please enjoy!

Intro Music: ‘Suspiria Theme’ by Goblin
Sound Clips:
· Tom Atkins in Halloween III
· Linnea Quigley as Trash in Return of the Living Dead

Episode #091: Granola Introverts [featuring Brendon Scherer]

This episode features friend of the podcast Brendon Scherer. We talk about working at Yellowstone, Aretha Franklin, Alt Rock Radio, and renting pornography. We also have opinions about Asia Argento and James Gunn. Plenty more to check out in this very full episode that we’ve been very eager to get recorded. Enjoy

Theme Song: ‘Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts’ by Less Than Jake
Outro Song: ‘Jesus is a Friend of Mine’ by Sonseed
Sound Clips:
· ‘Think’ by Aretha Franklin
· ‘If She Ain’t Country’ by Drew Jacobs
· Tracy Morgan talking shit to Garth Brooks featuring Lorne Michaels
· ‘Thunder’ by Imagine Dragons

Episode #090: Happy Toyota Year-End Sales Event

We celebrate America’s as well as 2 of our own birthdays (we’re old). We ask the question: is Weird Al’s name a pun itself? Dave finds dinosaur porn & shares his experience watching a YouTube video about the current state of Neverland Ranch. Bub contemplates a world with no movie stars. All this and more!

Theme Song: ‘Don’t Trust Me’ by 3OH!3
Outro Song: ‘Dinosaur Rap’ by Whitest Kids U Know
Sound Clip: Nickelodeon Jingle