Episode #014: A Thing Called Radar Love

The new Walking Dead trailer is out and we breakdown the list of Negan’s possible victims. Ghostbusters gets the N2M review treatment. Dave is going to get naked during the apocalypse, and Bub & Ho tell us the only movie they’ve ever walked out of. We weigh in on the Leslie Jones Twitter debacle and discuss moving to Canada.

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Episode #013: To the Window, To the Walls

For tonight, Dave went full bro mode. The new Netflix show Stranger Things gets an official N2M review. We discuss Pokemon Go, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, the omen guy from horror movies, and troll the Playstation Network. Gay Forrest makes an appearance and we say the term ‘Huge Poon’.

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Episode #012: The Crossover of Maximum Pleasure, pt. 1 [featuring The Nine Guys]

In this crossover episode, we join The Nine Guys of Nexus of Realities fame. This is part one of two, look for part two on the Nexus of Realities page. We riff about hockey, football, Sabres, Bills, horror movies, video games, and other assorted randomness.

Direct link to part 2 is here.

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Episode #011: Who Let You in Here?

In this episode, we hype up next week’s crossover episode, discuss a Simpsons podcast & its lovely hosts, and Dave goes on a Netflix rant. There is some talk of hockey, video games, found footage movies, a stuffed Doggie, Blink 182, and The Passion of the Christ.

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