1. Crystal Pepsi
2. Las Vegas Hockey Team Name
3. Sausage Party
4. Damir Ryspayev
5. Playstation Now
6. The Last of Us 2
7. Swedish Fish Oreos
8. Brendan Dassey
9. 3 Shitty Songs
10. Dave’s R+B & Hardcore Bands
11. Diet Coke
12. Patton Oswalt
13. Warped Tour Sucks
14. Marilyn Manson Ska
15. Hashtags

Theme Song: ‘Hey Ma’ by Cam’Ron
Break Song: ‘Get Schwifty’ from Rick and Morty (Season 2, Episode 5)
Sound Clips:
Sega Genesis NHL ’95 Gameplay
· DuckTales vs. Beyoncé (thanks, YouTube)
· ‘Treat You Better ‘ by Shawn Mendes
· ‘The Country Boy Song’ by Earl Dibbles, Jr. (Granger Smith)
· ‘Right On’ by Anti-Flag
· ‘This is the New Shit’ (SKA Version by Bob Kooparos) – Marilyn Manson

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