Whisper cast: Bub discusses the song(s) he always gets stuck in his head. We attempt to determine our gang affiliates because we’re big city boys now. We talk some video games (Friday the 13th, GTAV, Last of Us, Call of Duty Zombies), and some movies (The Room screening, Strange Brew, [REC]/Quarantine, and Train to Busan). We debate subtitles vs. dubbed movies. Dave trashes the NFL and we talk about how much punting sucks. We also share the best WiFi name we’ve ever seen. And finally- if you ever wanted to know what kinds of cereals these 3 grown men enjoy, this is the episode to listen to.

Theme Song: ‘Miss You’ by The Rolling Stones
Break Song: ‘Stranger Peaks’ by Prom Queen (I cannot overstate how amazing this track is. It’s fantastic!!)
Sound Clips:
· Eine kleine Nachtmusik – Allegro (composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
‘He May be Dead’ from Flight of the Conchords Season 1, Episode 3
· Strange Brew (1983) trailer snippet
· C’Mon Man! A Monkey Riding a Dog?
‘Nothing Ever Happens on Mars’ from Waiting For Guffman
· Al Qaeda Meeting – Key & Peele (Season 4, Episode 11)
· Kumail Nanjiani at the Denim Store – Portlandia (Season 5, Episode 6)

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