The guys debate Pro Wrestling’s merits. Rob Schneider ruffles some feathers, as does Kanye West and Facebook God. The PSN’s November free games get a review (Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture & Deadly Tower of Monsters). The Scientology personality test is almost done and The Walking Dead again gets discussed.

Theme Song: ‘None Shall Pass’ by Aesop Rock
Outro Song: ‘Diamond Roc Steady’ (Leftover Crack/Kanye West Mashup by Jake Bowman)
Break Song: ‘Angst in My Pants’ by Sparks
Sound Clips:
· South Park fake trailers (multiple clips: Season 6, Episode 15 & Season 15, Episode 7)
· Nobody Look! (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 11, Episode 7)
· Pour some out for our dead homies (Key & Peele, Season 3, Episode 4)
· Frog Bog gameplay (Intellivision game)
· Scientology Segment background music: “Epsilon Theme” from Grand Theft Auto V

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