The boys get offensive this week (Dave covers abortion and Bub questions sick kids’ privileges). We talk about the Amazon Echo/CIA rumors and offer to give life advice to the masses. Bub tries to show Dave & Ho something and they plot against him in the process. Dave doesn’t like the Dropkick Murphys, or this week’s episode of The Walking Dead (S7E13).

Theme Song: ‘Gigantic’ by The Pixies
Outro Song: ‘Have Love Will Travel’ by The Sonics
Break Song: ‘Everybody Knows’ by Concrete Blonde
Sound Clip:
· “Drew Stafford!?” (The Detour- Season 2, Episode 4)
· ‘I Want to Kill the President of the United States’ (Whitest Kids U Know- Season 1, Episode 6)
· Gerard Parkes as Doc in The Boondock Saints
· Peter thinks he’s Banksy (Portlandia- Season 7, Episode 7)
· ‘God Willing’ by Dropkick Murphys

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