Before our featured interview with Steve Duckworth (drummer for Healer & Rhinoceros), we share some funny stories about being in bands with him. Dave tells us how scary Baltimore is, and Bub shares his reactions to the new Norm MacDonald Netflix special. Ho & Bub report on the Every Time I Die show. All this and more!

Theme Song: ‘Stacy’s Mom’ by Fountains of Wayne
Outro Song: ‘Head Over Heels’ by Tears For Fears
Sound Clips:
· ‘Decayin With the Boys’ by Every Time I Die
· ‘E’ by ’68
· ‘Alive’ by Wage War
· Clips from Norm MacDonald specials: ‘Me Doing Stand-Up’ (2011) and ‘Hitler’s Dog- Gossip & Trickery’ (2017)
· Jeff Goldblum laughing in Jurassic Park
· ‘Sweet 16’ by Healer
· ‘Osaka’ by Circular Logic
· ‘Corner Space’ by Cloud Rat
· ‘Wasted Life’ by Rhinoceros
· ‘Self Sabotage’ by No Prevail
· Cool Neighborhoods (Portlandia- Season 6, Episode 3)
· Clips from Trekkies (Douglas Marcks and Gabriel Köerner)
· ‘Dumbed Down’ by Fuck You Pay Me
· ‘Buckle it Up!’ (Bob’s Burgers- Season 3, Episode 13)
· Sampling of The Buffalo Effect podcast
· ‘Cheese!’ commercial from the 80’s
· Lifeline Exercise Card clip from Donnie Darko

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