Ho reacts to The Night of the Living Dead. Justin Roiland gets McDonalds’ Szechuan Sauce. Bub compares his pee stream. The boys decide which limb they need the least. Dave again sings Pearl Jam and tells us about more video game trolls. We get excited about Nathan For You and do some scatting.

Theme Song: ‘Bring Me to Life’ by Evanescence
Break Song: ‘Rollin Wit Sag’ by Jamie Kennedy
Outro Clip: Scat Duel (Key & Peele: Season 4, Episode 10)
Sound Clips:
· Rick & Morty (Testicles: Season 1, Episode 2)(Meseeks: Season 1, Episode 5)
· Drill Sargeant in GTA V Online
· Pearl Jam Guy on PD Live
· Bob Scats for the cat (Bob’s Burgers- Season 6, Episode 4)

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