Best F(r)iends, Part 1 Movie Review

Best F(r)iends, Part 1 Movie Review

April 2, 2018 0 By Scott Wojcinski

Not Too Much Movie Review:

Best F(r)iends Part 1 (2018)
Directed by Justin MacGregor
Written by Greg Sestero
120 min

Best F(r)iends Part 1 is a movie that reunites Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero of The Room fame on the big screen. It had a limited national release. Here in Buffalo, it had one showing on 2 nights (Friday, 3/30/18 & Monday, 4/2/18). They (Fathom Events) are doing the same thing in June for Part 2. Perhaps it could have more showtimes depending on how this one did.

The movie had The Room caliber acting but is filmed by a competent director and has slightly better dialog. If you’ve never seen The Room or know who Tommy Wiseau is, this would probably be very hard to watch. However, if you’re in the know, it’s watchable and almost good. There are nods to The Room which make it fun.

When I say it’s almost good, that’s what I meant- close but not quite. The film opens saying it was inspired by true events. I find it hard to believe any of this was close to any true story about Greg & Tommy’s lives but Greg wrote it so he gets to tell any story he wants. Get ready for lots of boring dialog, a slow moving plot, and not many characters to invest in. The final 5 minutes do enough to make you want to watch Part 2 in June, so I’ll be there.

You probably missed your shot to see Part 1 in theaters, but who knows- they might put it back in theaters some time before Part 2 comes out. If you are a fan of The Room, see it. You’ll have at least a little bit of fun with it and it’s nice to see these 2 guys starring in the same film again.

3 N2M Guys out of 5

-Scott Wojcinski (@ScottWojcinski)