Chappaquiddick Movie Review

Chappaquiddick Movie Review

April 11, 2018 Off By Scott Wojcinski

Chappaquiddick (2017)
Directed by John Curran
Written by Taylor Allen, Andrew Logan
Starring Jason Clarke, Ed Helms, Jim Gaffigan, Kate Mara, Clancy Brown, Bruce Dern
106 min

Chappaquiddick is a historical drama about the death of a woman who served as a secretary for the Kennedy political family. While based on true events, it jumps to some conclusions that can only be speculated about.

Above all, this movie is about how influence, political and otherwise, can affect lives. We see that because of how powerful the Kennedy family was, Ted was able to avoid any real consequences of what he did on the night in question. Without going into too much detail, Ted drove his car with Mary Jo Kopechne as a passenger into a body of water off a small bridge that had no guard rails. After that happens, we watch how he deals with it and how his family’s staff decides to spin it to save Ted’s reputation.

The actors all give strong performances. You could really see Jason Clarke as Ted struggling with the decisions he was making throughout the film. Comedic actors Ed Helms and Jim Gaffigan show us their acting chops. They’ll continue to get work.

If I lived through seeing this stuff happening on the news, or if I studied U.S. history, I would have liked this a lot more. If either of those things are true for you, it’s a must-watch. That being said, give it a rental if you’re interested in watching a well-made film about political influence (and come to your own conclusions about what really happened).

3.2 N2M Guys out of 5

-Scott Wojcinski, Not Too Much Podcast (@ScottWojcinski)