Episode #076: If Something Happens to Me, Hit My Laptop with a Hammer

Dave gives a history lesson about Charles Manson. Dave and Ho go Black Friday shopping. We talk PS4, games, and go from Christmas movie sequels to horror movie sequels/remakes. And Trump says something stupid on Twitter again. Theme Song: ‘HELP’ by Front Bottoms Outro Song: ‘Crosses’ by Jose Gonzalez Sound Clips: · ‘U Said’ by […]

Episode #073: A Candid Discussion About Sexual Inadequacy

We check out The Craft at Thursday Night Terrors. We touch on the Eminem cypher and explore the Harvey Weinstein news. Dave buries the hatchet with a pizza and Bub fails at shitposting & bitches about it. Theme Song: ‘My Name Is’ by Eminem Outro Song: ‘You Wreck Me’ by Tom Petty Sound Clips: · […]