Episode #099: The President’s Day Mattress Blowout, pt 2

The boys return and discuss notable celebrity deaths, the XFL, porn stars’ net worth, and more. Scott shares a story about being a teenager and seeking out nudity, and also talks about a very interesting co-worker he has. Dave spills about visiting a booth in a porn shop. The Bouncing Souls pop up on network […]

Episode #095: McPoyle. Doyle McPoyle. [featuring Bob Rusch]

Actor, producer, writer, and now acting coach Bob Rusch joins us for a special interview. We talk about his scene study class at Acting Studio 716 and the movie he is producing called Demolition Dance: The Story of David and Dan from Dunkirk vs. The Punk Ass Bitch. Included in the interview are some cool […]

Episode #094: Sexy Comedy [featuring Christina Calph]

We are joined by the wonderful and talented actor, Dunkirk native Christina Calph. She talks about acting, doing voice over work, and producing videos for YouTube. We also discuss network comedies, animated shows, and the culture shock of moving from small town Dunkirk to The Big Apple. She tells us about an infamous horror movie […]

Episode #092: Spooky Season [featuring Peter Vullo]

Things get spooky as we welcome back to the podcast Peter Vullo, program director of Thursday Night Terrors. This time around, we talk shop about Fall activities, David Lynch, movies, TV, comic cons, and all things horror. It was a great conversation- please enjoy! Intro Music: ‘Suspiria Theme’ by Goblin Sound Clips: ยท Tom Atkins […]

Episode #091: Granola Introverts [featuring Brendon Scherer]

This episode features friend of the podcast Brendon Scherer. We talk about working at Yellowstone, Aretha Franklin, Alt Rock Radio, and renting pornography. We also have opinions about Asia Argento and James Gunn. Plenty more to check out in this very full episode that we’ve been very eager to get recorded. Enjoy Theme Song: ‘Johnny […]