Episode #020: We’ve All Changed A Lot Since ‘Pac Died

Whisper cast: Bub discusses the song(s) he always gets stuck in his head. We attempt to determine our gang affiliates because we’re big city boys now. We talk some video games (Friday the 13th, GTAV, Last of Us, Call of Duty Zombies), and some movies (The Room screening, Strange Brew, [REC]/Quarantine, and Train to Busan). We debate subtitles vs. dubbed movies. Dave trashes the NFL and we talk about how much punting sucks. We also share the best WiFi name we’ve ever seen. And finally- if you ever wanted to know what kinds of cereals these 3 grown men enjoy, this is the episode to listen to.

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Episode #019: Large Marge Sent Me

Dave laments his last name being the same as a sitcom character. We honor Harambe again. Don’t Breathe gets a N2M review, as well as Fear the Walking Dead. We talk about the indie game Cuphead, a hockey doc trailer ‘Ice Guardians’, and we debate how much longer fighting will last in hockey.

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Episode #018: Nasty, Nasty, Nasty [featuring WBER’s Susie Q]

This week we talk to the lovely Susie Q of Rochester’s WBER radio station 90.5 FM (and her doggie Jasper) about Disc Jockeying, music, day drinking, dating, tinder, and fish. Post-interview, we talk Suicide Squad, Jared Leto, True Romance, Book of Mormon, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Maggie, The Olympics, and the NFL (and its commissioner). In there somewhere, Dave tells a story about how he helped create a murderer.

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Episode #017: Dance Jam, vol. 17

1. Crystal Pepsi
2. Las Vegas Hockey Team Name
3. Sausage Party
4. Damir Ryspayev
5. Playstation Now
6. The Last of Us 2
7. Swedish Fish Oreos
8. Brendan Dassey
9. 3 Really Shitty Songs
10. Dave’s R+B & Hardcore Bands
11. Diet Coke
12. Patton Oswalt
13. Warped Tour Sucks
14. Marilyn Manson Ska
15. Hashtags

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Episode #016: The Laughing Hyena, the Fainting Goat, and the Exploding Monkey

This episode’s intro is our tribute to the late Miss Cleo. We visited Rob’s Comedy playhouse and saw Tony Pusateri & Chris Killian. We talk movies, Netflix shows, and Rotten Tomatoes. Dave has a confrontation with a skunk and we think of Ska puns.

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Episode #015: Grandma’s Buttcheeks

Dave is a Fat Boy in the intro, we discuss Stranger Things again along with the new Blair Witch & other horror movies. We applaud Nathan Fielder’s idea for a haunted house. Show reviews: The Flatliners, Trinkit, and The Pavers. Dave attempts to receive 500 high-fives in a month and we disuss what would happen if zombies had boners.

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Episode #014: A Thing Called Radar Love

The new Walking Dead trailer is out and we breakdown the list of Negan’s possible victims. Ghostbusters gets the N2M review treatment. Dave is going to get naked during the apocalypse, and Bub & Ho tell us the only movie they’ve ever walked out of. We weigh in on the Leslie Jones Twitter debacle and discuss moving to Canada.

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Episode #013: To the Window, To the Walls

For tonight, Dave went full bro mode. The new Netflix show Stranger Things gets an official N2M review. We discuss Pokemon Go, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, the omen guy from horror movies, and troll the Playstation Network. Gay Forrest makes an appearance and we say the term ‘Huge Poon’.

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Episode #012: The Crossover of Maximum Pleasure, pt. 1 [featuring The Nine Guys]

In this crossover episode, we join The Nine Guys of Nexus of Realities fame. This is part one of two, look for part two on the Nexus of Realities page. We riff about hockey, football, Sabres, Bills, horror movies, video games, and other assorted randomness.

Direct link to part 2 is here.

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