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Episode #030: Another Steel-Cage Swear-A-Thon

trumpclintonbeavisandbuttheadWe caught Dave Chappelle/A Tribe Called Quest on SNL. Okilly Dokilly the Ned Flanders metal band has a video out. We share our thoughts on Donald Trump getting elected, talk a little gaming, and discuss a little porn. We are over halfway through the Scientology personality test! You don’t want to miss this!

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Episode #026: Pitch Perfect and Chill?

dancingranniesThe guys get emotional about the Bills & Sabres. We talk about recognizing voices in animated shows and we report on Corey Feldman part 2 (spoiler: it was awful again). There were a couple of funny interactions with some random Buffalonians, and don’t forget about the Treasure Trove & Scientology Personality test (part 4)!

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Episode #022: An Ocean of Emotion

feldmanThe boys continue to be creeped out by the dolls in the basement. We review Corey Feldman’s new tune, and the new Blair Witch movie. Bub does his classic Jack Palance impression, and we talk about movies that disturb us. We continue to praise the new episodes of Fear the Walking Dead and briefly discuss Donald Glover’s new show Atlanta.

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Episode #012: The Crossover of Maximum Pleasure, pt. 1 [featuring The Nine Guys]

In this crossover episode, we join The Nine Guys of Nexus of Realities fame. This is part one of two, look for part two on the Nexus of Realities page. We riff about hockey, football, Sabres, Bills, horror movies, video games, and other assorted randomness.

Direct link to part 2 is here.

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