Episode #047: Lizard People Are Taking Over the World [featuring WGR550’s Ryan Gates]

Tonight’s episode features an interview with Ryan Gates* (Host of The Nightcap on WGR550- Buffalo, NY sports radio). Dave talks about going viral after we discuss friend of the podcast Jimmy becoming a viral ‘Bad Bitch’. Bub has a punchline with no joke and asks for help. We talk about the ‘Mockstrosity Tour’, and pay tribute to Chuck Berry.

* This interview was cut down from a very long chat session (a full version of which is released as a bonus episode). Ryan produces the popular sports talk show on WGR Schopp & The Bulldog from 3-7 on weekdays then, from 7-9, hosts his own show called The NightCap with Ryan Gates.

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Episode #037: Dude, I Thought We Were Friends.

We witness the birth of a meme, get an aerobics song stuck in (y)our head, and decide what to do with our dollar. Dave tells people he’s a sex addict and we call out American Chinese restaurants.

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