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Episode #026: Pitch Perfect and Chill?

dancingranniesThe guys get emotional about the Bills & Sabres. We talk about recognizing voices in animated shows and we report on Corey Feldman part 2 (spoiler: it was awful again). There were a couple of funny interactions with some random Buffalonians, and don’t forget about the Treasure Trove & Scientology Personality test (part 4)!

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Episode #017: Dance Jam, vol. 17

1. Crystal Pepsi
2. Las Vegas Hockey Team Name
3. Sausage Party
4. Damir Ryspayev
5. Playstation Now
6. The Last of Us 2
7. Swedish Fish Oreos
8. Brendan Dassey
9. 3 Really Shitty Songs
10. Dave’s R+B & Hardcore Bands
11. Diet Coke
12. Patton Oswalt
13. Warped Tour Sucks
14. Marilyn Manson Ska
15. Hashtags

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Episode #005: Flesh Colored Pants At The Father/Daughter Dance [featuring Jimmy Skrzeczkowski]

danaIn this episode we talk comedy and bring in Jimmy Skrzeczkowski of The Crazies and The Delivery Guys podcast. Dave proclaims himself a comedy hipster and we alienate some of our listeners by calling them stupid. As always, we summarize last week’s Fear the Walking Dead.

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