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Episode #023: Princess Thunderballs

harveyThe boys discuss their favorite game shows and air out the first part of their Scientology personality test. Then the debate is on: Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston (& others)? And the Treasure Trove is one drawer closer to completely uncovered.

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Episode #022: An Ocean of Emotion

feldmanThe boys continue to be creeped out by the dolls in the basement. We review Corey Feldman’s new tune, and the new Blair Witch movie. Bub does his classic Jack Palance impression, and we talk about movies that disturb us. We continue to praise the new episodes of Fear the Walking Dead and briefly discuss Donald Glover’s new show Atlanta.

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Episode #005: Flesh Colored Pants At The Father/Daughter Dance [featuring Jimmy Skrzeczkowski]

danaIn this episode we talk comedy and bring in Jimmy Skrzeczkowski of The Crazies and The Delivery Guys podcast. Dave proclaims himself a comedy hipster and we alienate some of our listeners by calling them stupid. As always, we summarize last week’s Fear the Walking Dead.

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