Episode #075: Shave Up, Not Down You Idiot

We address Pervnado. We talk about the new Last of Us trailer, the movie Girls Trip, hockey stuff, Buffalo Bills debauchery, and some overrated bands. B.o.B. comes up again, for another stupid reason.

Theme Song: ‘In the Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins

Episode #059: I Want My HPV

Not Too Much become Flat-Earthers, hold babies, and get censored on YouTube. We continue talking new games & E3. Dave is forced to speak publicly, and Bub complains about the phrase ‘Bros before Hoes’. Bub also notices someone taking fidget spinning to a whole new level. You won’t want to miss it.

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Episode #034: Brought to You by Charleston Chew

The boys drink and discuss Chymes & other whiskeys, Dave tells a story about someone illiterate, and we talk about that damn Cellino & Barnes jingle. We lament the sports teams in our town and we finish our Scientology personality tests. We share our The Last of Us trailer reactions & feelings, and the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead gets reviewed.

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Episode #017: Dance Jam, vol. 17

1. Crystal Pepsi
2. Las Vegas Hockey Team Name
3. Sausage Party
4. Damir Ryspayev
5. Playstation Now
6. The Last of Us 2
7. Swedish Fish Oreos
8. Brendan Dassey
9. 3 Really Shitty Songs
10. Dave’s R+B & Hardcore Bands
11. Diet Coke
12. Patton Oswalt
13. Warped Tour Sucks
14. Marilyn Manson Ska
15. Hashtags

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Episode #012: The Crossover of Maximum Pleasure, pt. 1 [featuring The Nine Guys]

In this crossover episode, we join The Nine Guys of Nexus of Realities fame. This is part one of two, look for part two on the Nexus of Realities page. We riff about hockey, football, Sabres, Bills, horror movies, video games, and other assorted randomness.

Direct link to part 2 is here.

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Episode #006: Two Men and a Party Animal

We prepare for the apocalypse, call out shitty pop stars, root for the Sharks, and put out our missed connections.


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Episode #002: Nobody’s Coming To Take Your Guns, Stupid.

In this episode, we talk heavily about our favorite games, air out our Twitter beef, celebrate hockey’s newest fan, discuss our feelings about Beyoncé, and find out Dave might be coming around on Fear the Walking Dead.

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