The guys get emotional about the Bills & Sabres. We talk about recognizing voices in animated shows and we report on Corey Feldman part 2 (spoiler: it was awful again). There were a couple of funny interactions with some random Buffalonians, and don’t forget about the Treasure Trove & Scientology Personality test (part 4)!

Theme Song: ‘Footloose’ by Kenny Loggins
Break Song: ‘Slaughterhouse Rock’ by Crazies
Outro Song: ‘The NeverEnding Story’ by Limahl
Sound Clips:
· ‘Pre-taped call-in show’ from Mr. Show (season 3, episode 10)
· David Cross in Rick and Morty (Season 1, Episode 4)
· Jordan Peele in Key & Peele (Season 2, Episode 7) and Bob’s Burgers (Season 4, Episode 21)
· ‘I Love the USA’ by Weezer
· “Wistful!” from Dirty Work (1998)
· ‘Twist Barbie’ by Shonen Knife
· ‘Take a Stand’ by Corey Feldman w/interview (Today Show appearance #2)
· Dancin’ Grannies Intro
· “Hello!” Wayne Campbell in Wayne’s World (1992)
· Scientology Segment background music: “New Family” by Plaid
· Treasure Trove background music: Shannon the windup doll’s song “Send in the Clowns”

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