Episode #038: What Kind of God Would Allow This?

Dave and the Not Too Much Guys tackle Social Justice & Donald Trump. We find out selling jokes is a thing, listen to Luke Skywalker reading Trump tweets, and discuss Rob Zombie films. Theme Song: ‘Knock Knock’ by Mac Miller Outro: ‘Flanderdoodles’ by Okilly Dokilly Break Song: ‘House of 1,000 Corpses’ by Rob Zombie Sound […]

Episode #037: Dude, I Thought We Were Friends.

We witness the birth of a meme, get an aerobics song stuck in (y)our head, and decide what to do with our dollar. Dave tells people he’s a sex addict and we call out American Chinese restaurants. Theme Song: ‘Party Over Here’ by Atmosphere Outro: Crystal Light Aerobics Championship Theme Song Break Song: Looped Crystal […]

Episode #036: Don’t Act Like You Don’t Have An Hour To Kill

Dave calls out the fan bases of shitty bands, or shitty fan bases of good bands. We also talk trash again about lip syncing pop stars. The new season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is underway, and we’re talking about it. In addition, we speak of a few crazy coincidences in our lives. Theme […]