Dave and the Not Too Much Guys tackle Social Justice & Donald Trump. We find out selling jokes is a thing, listen to Luke Skywalker reading Trump tweets, and discuss Rob Zombie films.

Theme Song: ‘Knock Knock’ by Mac Miller
Outro: ‘Flanderdoodles’ by Okilly Dokilly
Break Song: ‘House of 1,000 Corpses’ by Rob Zombie
Sound Clips:
· Sexman’s Disclaimer (ex-YouTube personality pruane2forever)
· “Not Too Much” (Adam Devine in an Allstate Insurance Commercial from 2016)
· Scott Wood clips from Everything is Terrible
· Aziz Ansari monologue (Episode 42, Episode 12)
· Mark Hamill as The Joker reading a Trump tweet
· ‘Cecilia & the Satellite’ by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
· Timer Music from Jeopardy

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