Tonight’s episode features an interview with Ryan Gates (Host of The Nightcap on WGR550- Buffalo, NY sports radio). Dave talks about going viral after we discuss friend of the podcast Jimmy becoming a viral ‘Bad Bitch’. Bub has a punchline with no joke and asks for help. We talk about the ‘Mockstrosity Tour’, and pay tribute to Chuck Berry.

Theme Song: ‘Epic’ by Faith No More
Outro Song: ‘You Never Can Tell’ by Chuck Berry
Sound Clips:
· Nancy Kerrigan attack raw footage
· Rob Ray’s interview lead-in featuring Zanfir’s pan flute
· The Sal Capaccio intro song by Tom Cich
· ‘Stupid Sexy Flanders!’ (The Simpsons- Season 11, Episode 10)
· ‘Nothing At All’ by Okilly Dokilly
· ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ by Metalachi
· Flash! (Theme Song by Queen)
· High Court with Doug Benson trailer

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