Dunkirk’s turkey mascot met its demise. The guys debate crowd surfing’s annoyance. We find out if ‘The Dirt Road Anthem’ is a good song. We say farewell to @midnight, and hello to the 4-year-old podcast Norm MacDonald Live. We give advice to someone who almost helped his fellow man.

Theme Song: ‘Take it Off’ by The Donnas
Break Song: ‘Goodbye Moonmen’ by Jemaine Clement from Rick & Morty
Outro Song: Surfin’ Bird by Pee-Wee Herman (from Back to the Beach)
Sound Clips:
· ‘God Bless Amerika’ by Lil Wayne
· ‘Dirt Road Anthem’ by Jason Aldean
· ‘Crawling’ by Linkin Park
· Clips from Norm MacDonald Live Video Podcast
· Kids React to The Room
· Patton Oswalt clip from Werewolves & Lollipops

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