Dave goes on an anti-troll crusade, and points out a newish YouTube trend. Bub has a revelation about pornography. We rip on Kid Rock and find out the relationship he has with Scott Stapp of Creed. Why can’t you swim? Dick pics got sent to the wrong person. Game of Thrones got leaked. Dave likes Halloween but not for the reason you’d expect.

Theme Song: ‘Glocko Pop’ by Bobby Digital (RZA)
Break Song: ‘Are You Ready for Some Football?’ by Hank Williams Jr
Outro Song: ‘It’s Gotta be Ska’ by The Vandals w/Matt Besser from Comedy Bang! Bang!
Sound Clips:
· ‘Ain’t Enough Whiskey’ by Kid Rock
· Scott Stapp interview from Opie Radio
· Noob Noob from Rick & Morty Season 3, Episode 4

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