Dave talks about pedophile priests. Bub hates on Dr. Dre. Ho met a guy online. Dave points out that Bub & Ho don’t laugh at his jokes enough. We have an argument about the 5-star rating system for movies. Bub gets the Movie Pass and we talk about some movies. Dave correlates car makes with musical artists. We answer the question of which direction you should be buttoning up your shirt. Dave risks the health of his phone to call play-by-play as he taps a porn link. Finally, we talk about a new podcast that popped up called Overopinionated & Undereducated and the web series ‘Room Actors: Where Are They Now?’

Intro Song: ‘Lovesick Blues’ by Hank Williams
Outro Song: ‘My Year’ from Disney’s Zombies
Sound Clips:
· Tommy Wiseau’s Joker Audition Reel
· The Yodeling Kid in Wal-Mart singing Lovesick Blues
· “Do you understand life? Do You?” from The Room

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