Episode #089: You Go Girl

We lament some musician deaths. Chris Hardwick is a scumbag and now everyone knows it. Nathan Fielder rigs the Emmy’s. Dave joins some hypothetical bands. We talk a little E3, and explore Disney into your adult life.

Theme Song: ‘Smoke on the Water’ by Deep Purple
Outro Song: ‘Technology’s Gay’ by Anal Cunt
Sound Clip:
· ‘311 Sucks’ by Anal Cunt
· “It’s Called Surge” from American Movie

Episode #088: Who Pooped in the Shower?

The guys get nostalgic about the days when you were allowed to smoke indoors, then get serious about suicide. We’re setting up a secondary podcast on youtube that will involve retro games and we discuss it a bit. Our friend meets the yodeling kid, Alex Ovechkin has fun with the Cup, we witness a bird take food from someone, and Bub complains about adults that clap for things.

Theme Song: ‘Song 2’ by Blur
Outro Song: ‘Crazy’ by Crazies
Sound Clips:
· Colt 45 Commercial with Billy Dee Williams
· Africa (Toto) cover by Weezer

Episode #087: Leave Your Kids at Home.

Would we have sex with an alien? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out. We interrupt the royal wedding talk with a discussion about Arizona iced tea. BBQ Becky and racist lawyer are a match made in heaven. Bub starts a VHS collection and we saw John Kassir at Thursday Night Terrors.

Theme Song: ‘Who’s Fucking Tonite?’ by DJ Assault
Sound Clip: John Kassir at Amherst Theatre in Buffalo NY, May 17 2018

Episode #086: A Great Man Who Can Fart the National Anthem

The boys address Kanye’s nonsense. Bub gets new underwear. Ho sprays someone with water and laughs about it. We list off some online dating profile fouls. All this and plenty more. Check it out!

Theme Song: ‘Jesus Christ’ by Brand New
Break Song: Captain Zoom singing happy birthday big guy
Outro Song: ‘This is America’ by Childish Gambino
Sound Clip: ‘She’ by Mad Caddies

Episode #085: Dongzilla

Bub tells a story about an Uber car mixup, Dave loves the yodeling kid, and Ho finally gets a movie pass. Bub also tells us a good reason he should start eating healthy and exercising. Dave shares his stories about Troll 2 parties, and we tackle a list of social media fouls that everyone should be avoiding.

Theme Song: ‘Gold on the Ceiling’ by The Black Keys
Outro Song: ‘Mii Channel Ska Cover’ from SkaTune Network
Sound Clips:
· ‘I saw a light’ From Voodoo Academy (2000)
· ‘Did your parents have any kids that lived?’ from Full Metal Jacket (1987)
· ‘Raspberry Beret’ by Prince
· Messing with Old Man Winter’s Will (from Whitest Kids U Know- Season 4, Episode 4)

Episode #084: Taliban Fats

Dave talks about pedophile priests. Bub hates on Dr. Dre. Ho met a guy online. Dave points out that Bub & Ho don’t laugh at his jokes enough. We have an argument about the 5-star rating system for movies. Bub gets the Movie Pass and we talk about some movies. Dave correlates car makes with musical artists. We answer the question of which direction you should be buttoning up your shirt. Dave risks the health of his phone to call play-by-play as he taps a porn link. Finally, we talk about a new podcast that popped up called Overopinionated & Undereducated and the web series ‘Room Actors: Where Are They Now?’

Intro Song: ‘Lovesick Blues’ by Hank Williams
Outro Song: ‘My Year’ from Disney’s Zombies
Sound Clips:
· Tommy Wiseau’s Joker Audition Reel
· The Yodeling Kid in Wal-Mart singing Lovesick Blues
· “Do you understand life? Do You?” from The Room

Episode #083: Reel Movies featuring Peter Vullo

Peter Vullo joins us to talk about his monthly film series Thursday Night Terrors. We ask him how it all got started and about the process of getting cool old movies to show at a movie theater. We also talk horror in general and get a bunch of horror movie recommendations. Finally, he talks about the screening of Day of the Dead next week, the Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight event in May, and the rest of the upcoming Thursday Night Terrors screenings. [photo credit: The Buffalo News]

Intro Song: They Live theme by John Carpenter
Outro Song: Christine Theme by John Carpenter
Sound Clips from Troll 2

Episode #082: Blowjobs and Diarrhea

The boys perform a szechuan sauce taste test. Bub & Ho went to church and we reminisce about going during our childhoods. Bub shares his sports jersey fouls and see what the guys think of them. We review the nothing nowhere show, watch an episode of Pawn Stars, talk about Barstool Sports, and touch on the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

Theme Song: ‘Because I Got High’ by Afroman
Outro Song: ‘Funeral Fantasy’ by nothing,nowhere.
Sound Clips:
· Baby preacher Kanon Tipton clip
· Real time traveler clip by Apex Video
· Clips from the ICP Shockumentary

Episode #081: Boner Parade

Bub skates with meathead Beer League Hockey players. We complain not so much about the lack of gun control but the comments about the subject. We laugh at the kid caught looking at his phone while standing next to JT during the Super Bowl halftime show. We reminisce about the NFL logo coat. We talk about or review A.P. Bio, The Cloverfield Paradox, Far Cry 5, and Cobra Kai. And finally Dave comments on BSDM, and Live PD.

Theme Song: ‘I Love NYC’ by Andrew WK
Outro Clip: ‘The Johnny Lawrence Story’ by Patton Oswalt
Sound Clip: ‘Cacao’ (Portlandia- Season 1, Episode 2)

Episode #080: Dr. Liar and Dr. Storyteller

Dave warns us about robots taking over the world. We review the Tide Pod Challenge. Bub reads an article about someone marrying a ghost and an essay about the incomparable Ke$ha. Not Too Much is going to start reaching out to celebrities. Find out why!

Theme Song: ‘East Coast! Fuck You!’ by The Bouncing Souls
Outro Song: ‘Songify the Room’ by schmoyoho
Sound Clips:

· ‘Laisse Tomber les Filles’ by France Gall
· ‘Chick Habit’ by April March
· ‘Doki Doki Morning’ by Babymetal
· H. Jon Benjamin as HAL 9000