Episode #079: The Ones You Can’t See [feat. Ryan Gurnett & Dennis Reed Jr]

Ryan Gurnett and Dennis Reed Jr from The Struggle is Real Buffalo Music podcast join us to talk about the struggles of being a DIY musician. We discuss good and bad venues, scary craigslist auditions, and the trouble with naming bands. Dad jokes about drummers are told. We go through a Not Too Much Guy history lesson. They talk about their very first gigs, and selling out. Dennis tells us about his guitar nightmares. We also officially announce a big addition to their podcast. Which venue has the worst bathroom in Buffalo? Listen to find out!

Outro Song: ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’ by The Lady, or the Tiger?

Episode #078: Nothing But Dead Silence

In this episode, we discuss Logan Paul & the Suicide Forest, peeling oranges, Canadian accents, the World Junior Hockey Tournament, and Oregonians pumping their own gas. We question whether being Jewish is a race or a religion. We celebrate the Buffalo Bills finally making the playoffs, and Dave shares the song he thinks is the most blatant rip-off of another. An official thank you goes to Katharine Heller for doing a voice over for our Deep Thoughts segment. Check out her podcasts ‘Tell the Bartender’ and ‘The Struggle Bus’!

Theme Song: ‘Noise Complaint’ by Big D & the Kids Table
Outro Song: ‘Leper Madonna’ by Beatallica
Sound Clips:
· ‘Handlebars’ by Flobots
· ‘No Handlebars’ by Logan Paul
· Clip of the Flobots diss track
· ‘Dilly Dilly’ from dumb Bud Light commercials

Bonus Episode: Ryan Gates Part II

Buffalo Sports Radio Station WGR550’s Ryan Gates joins us once again for another bonus episode. We discuss The Disaster Artist, hockey, twitter, tractor pulls, jam bands, Norm MacDonald, and the proper way to pronounce the word creek. Ryan rants about equality and we lash out against the pledge of allegiance. We eventually talk about our penises and that’s when we had to stop- but not before many hours of great conversation. Have a listen!

Outro Song: ‘High’ by Jimmie’s Chicken Shack
Sound Clips:
· Pledge of Allegiance sketch from Whitest Kids U Know
· Richard Sherman interview by Erin Andrews
· Clip from Norm MacDonald Live with Super Dave Osborne

Episode #077: Can’t Someone Else Do It?

Dave tells us how he broke his teeth. We talk about a couple of childhood crushes. We report on The Disaster Artist and the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead (spoilers). We talk about Keaton Jones & bullying, the hotel cop shooting of Daniel Shaver, and we introduce a new “Deep Thoughts” segment. All this and more!

Theme Song: ’12 Days of Christmas’ by Bob & Doug McKenzie
Outro Song: ‘Word Crimes’ by Weird Al Yankovic
Sound Clips:
· ‘Opposites Attract’ by Paula Abdul
· ‘Heaven is a Place on Earth’ by Belinda Carlisle
· The Dundee Project Trailer
· Yellow Brick Cinema – Music for Meditation

Bonus Episode: Shumway Cast

Drew Przybycien of the Blue Ribbon Bastards and Steve Duckworth of Healer join us as we take a trip down memory lane and talk about Bub’s old band Shumway. We talk about the current state of the Buffalo music scene, and the music scene in general. We also discuss the struggles & joy of watching porno during the days of pre-internet. There’s a difference between sport coats & blazers and we cover it. We also talk about when Steve laughed too hard at a restaurant, Drew tells us about being on Off Beat Cinema, and we all reminisce about when we played ball hockey in our old apartment. All this & more! Check it out!

Theme Song: ‘Smoke on the Water’ by Deep Purple
Outro Song: ‘Cain [live from The Continental]’ by Shumway
Sound Clips:
· ‘It’s great what we’re doing’ (Portlandia- Season 7, Episode 10)
· ‘Old No. 7’ by The Devil Makes Three
· ‘Three wishes, eh?’ from Desert Moon
· ‘Cinamin?’ from American Movie
· ‘Watchin’ Porno’ by Shumway
· ‘Hypocrite’ by Shumway
· ‘Ted Danson’ by Shumway
· ‘The Mode’ by Shumway
· ‘Pickin’ Up Change’ by Shumway

Episode #076: If Something Happens to Me, Hit My Laptop with a Hammer

Dave gives a history lesson about Charles Manson. Dave and Ho go Black Friday shopping. We talk PS4, games, and go from Christmas movie sequels to horror movie sequels/remakes. And Trump says something stupid on Twitter again.

Theme Song: ‘HELP’ by Front Bottoms
Outro Song: ‘Crosses’ by Jose Gonzalez
Sound Clips:
· ‘U Said’ by Lil Peep
· Charles Manson (Whitest Kids U Know- Season 4, Episode 5)
· Funny Guy (Goodfellas)

Episode #075: Shave Up, Not Down You Idiot

We address Pervnado. We talk about the new Last of Us trailer, the movie Girls Trip, hockey stuff, Buffalo Bills debauchery, and some overrated bands. B.o.B. comes up again, for another stupid reason.

Theme Song: ‘In the Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins

Episode #074: We Didn’t Start the Fire II

The boys talk at length about bad candy. Dave is really into a conspiracy theory about Avril Lavigne. Bub plays Fractured But Whole. We also talk about a fellow podcaster who made it on Jeopardy which leads to some game show talk.

Theme Song: ‘Jerk It Out’ by Caesar’s Palace
Outro Song: Happy Halloween Silver Shamrock commercial from Halloween III
Sound Clips:
· Jim Lahey clips (from YouTube)
· ‘New Orleans is Sinking’ by The Tragically Hip
· Clip from Emily Dumas on Jeopardy (Sept 28, 2017- Season 34, Episode 14)
· Clip of Cartman as Bill Belicik calling you a dirty cheater like Tom Brady on Fractured But Whole

Episode #073: A Candid Discussion About Sexual Inadequacy

We check out The Craft at Thursday Night Terrors. We touch on the Eminem cypher and explore the Harvey Weinstein news. Dave buries the hatchet with a pizza and Bub fails at shitposting & bitches about it.

Theme Song: ‘My Name Is’ by Eminem
Outro Song: ‘You Wreck Me’ by Tom Petty
Sound Clips:
· Rick and Morty mentions McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce (Season 3, Episode 1)
· B.o.B. Flat Earth GoFundMe video
· Jerry eats cereal (Rick & Morty- Season 2, Episode 10)
· Music From Cuphead (Inkwell Isle One)
· Ralphie May clip from Just Correct

Episode #072: TNT Knows Drama

Dave has a run-in with the police. Bub offers up memes and Dave shoots them down. Bub tries to get Szechuan Sauce at McDonald’s. We cover the recent celebrity deaths along with the fall of AOL Instant Messenger. Bub plays Cuphead and approves. All this and plenty more.

Theme Song: ‘My Name Is’ by Eminem
Outro Song: ‘You Wreck Me’ by Tom Petty
Sound Clips:
· Rick and Morty mentions McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce (Season 3, Episode 1)
· B.o.B. Flat Earth GoFundMe video
· Jerry eats cereal (Rick & Morty- Season 2, Episode 10)
· Music From Cuphead (Inkwell Isle One)
· Ralphie May clip from Just Correct